Futian Sheng Zhu

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Type: ONA

Plot Summary:

"You have to get stronger! You're still so weak!" That's what the Deaf Grandma has been telling Li Qingniu ever since he could remember. In the village, he can't outrun the Gimpy Grandpa, can't distill medicine as well as the Quack, and can't even beat the Black Bull at the village entrance. Only until he left the village did he find out that nobody on the outside is as strong as him... He will journey to find a real hero, he will find a way to become strong enough to satisfy the Deaf Grandma!

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Released: 2022

Status: Completed

Other name: Lord of Heaven Conquer, The Crouching Tiger, The Sacred Lord of Scorching Summer, 伏天圣主, 預言の少年, 복천성주

Futian Sheng Zhu

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